Tech info

Studio and mobile setup,

Studio Computer

PC core i7 8gb ram ssd and RME hdspe MADI card two HD screens and situated in the machine room.


Cockos Reaper

Sequoia 12

Varous plugins

Fuzzmeasure pro 3

Audioease Snapper, Audioease Altiverb

Luci live


Quantec 2492 Yardstick

Master room spring reverb

Grimm Audio LM1 optical compressor prototype

Orban eq

Master room spring reverb

Converters and preamps

32 channels of Crookwood multipre

Crookwood C1 monitor controller

Do-tec Andiamo XT 32 channel ADC/DAC and AES to Madi converter/router

Grimm Audio CC1 Master Clock


2x Avid MC mix 1x Avid mc transport


Grimm Audio TPR throughout.


2x Grimm Audio Ls1 with sub

4x Leolab omniwave with hypex nCore 400 amplifiers

1x AKG K702

Microphones modern

3 x DPA 4090,

4 x DPA4060

1 x DPA d:fine headband omni,

6 x Schoeps cmc body

3 x Schoeps mk8 capsule

2 x Schoeps mk4v capsule

2 x Schoeps mk2h capsule

2 x Schoeps mk41 capsule

1x Schoeps active table stand

2 x Electrovoice RE-55

1 x Shure 55sh

4x Custom ribbon microphone

2x Samar Ribbon mf65

Microphones vintage 

2 x Neumann mm3

1 x Neumann km 88

2 x Neumann u267

4 x Schoeps m221b

Microphone stands

Panamic 4 meter cathedral stand

Grace Spacebar

Custom carbon DPA4060 stand

Rycote Lyra shockmounts

K&M round base high and low microphone stands.

Instruments and amps,

Bluethner 190cm grand piano

Fibes drum kit with jasper shells

Leslie cabinet transistor amplifier

Fender tube guitar amp with 4×10″ speaker

Schermafbeelding 2013-08-07 om 13.24.40

Control room with medium/dry acoustics and very balanced acoustic treatment and a very nice view.

Schermafbeelding 2013-08-07 om 13.24.25

Big recording room with lively, variable acoustics.