Just Sounds studio is located in Weesp on organic farm De Groene Griffioen near Amsterdam and Hilversum in a rural area. During recording you can see cows passing by and during breaks you can enjoy a walk in the green fields or riverside of the Vecht. Our specialty is recording music that is played live as a group. We think that the interaction between musicians is a vital aspect to bring the full impact of emotion to the listeners. We try to capture the beauty of emotion and bring it to the listeners as pure as possible. To make this possible we have very high quality microphones and studio hardware. The recording room has very nice lively acoustics and it makes a nice recording and playing room. The musicians can hear each other very good without the use of headphones, When a instrument needs amplification we have amplifiers and different speakers to make a good balance in the room. This to give you the most comfortable playing/recording experience possible.


We can also be of assistance for premastering, Grand piano and drum recordings.


At the moment two studio engineers work at Just Sounds studios. Eelco Grimm and Boy Griffioen. Feel free to ask any question contact